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Square paladin video q4twvy That is, if you use At first glance, differentiating between consumer products can be intimidating: Products can often look similar, work in similar ways, and offer largely overlapping sets of features. But, on closer inspection, a very small percentage of products can be shown to offer a significant increase in quality above the rest. These products are hard to identify, and that is why is so useful: We put in days of research to each product category, to find the truely outstanding choices for your money. When you read one of our carefully researched product category pages, you'll find:

We use scientific methods

Engaging Content Leads To Better Learning

If you're going to make an informed buying decision, you need to be educated -- there are no instant shortcuts. We have a responsibility to our users to provide real and useful background information on each category, and, as your read our pages, you'll find something remarkable: product reviews that are not boring. This is not by accident. We're not just doing this to entertain you (although that is a nice side effect). Entertaining, conversational, and well-illustrated content has been proven, in repeatable, peer-reviewed psychological studies [Rivard & Straw, Moreno & Mayer] to lead to better and faster learning than dry, boring content. Most product reviews on the internet border on spam - here is an embarassing screenshot from one of the internet's leading review websites: Useless2 e9b409769beb74dbd8eadb5495361add2981d10da263add39ab4a02c9ea5a3a8
The above text was written for machines to read, not people -- it's no better than spam, made only to gain search engine rankings. No human would find anything in this paragraph to be useful.

Let's contrast this with a screenshot from, where we provide clear, useful historical context in the course of our analysis of consumer-grade humidifiers: Useful 8ccbc8e46d8887071792dbf5a189219bc84215732f68f5d15e6df1c2095c8d51
It is not an accident that this short history of the humidifier is fun to read. We are engaging you, our reader, to get you thinking about the subject over all, to help you make an informed choice.

Statistical Analysis

Prior to assigning product categories to our paid researchers, we run each category through a series of tests to ensure that it would benefit from analysis. For example, we may look at the demand of the leading set of products in a specific vertical (like upright vacuums) to assess if there is a enough variance in quality among these products, and that this distribution of this quality follows a lognormal pattern. Only where we see such a pattern do we feel we can justify the consumer’s need for clear research on the category. As we develop our comparison index over time, we're better able to guide our researchers, to help them guide our users with better content than any other product research destination.

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Our Editorial Approval Policy

In order for any of our research to be published it must be approved by our team of master editors, who verify that the information is both useful, functionally entertaining, and fully covers the set of products under consideration. Several stages of editorial review and policy compliance lead in the end to higher quality guides for our users.

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